Let's start this blog off with a little confession: I actually planned on launching dash of daring in spring 2020, but a global pandemic, COVID19, got in the way...

Of course, at this date, I feel a small déjà vu, given that we are facing a lockdown again. Within our team we discussed whether or not to launch this spring, and this time around: we thought, what the hell, let's just do this!

The dresses and skirts we have launched today are all part of our Bali collection. They are made of the most comfortable fabric, which you want to LIVE in, when summer is finally here! These styles will make you feel beautiful and breezy!

Of course, with my stylist background I never forget to accessorize... A bralette is perfect for any summer outfit and our jewelry collection consists of classic (up-to-date) styles that you can easily wear everyday with any outfit. So take a look, before anything is sold out!

What about our future plans? The coming months we plan on adding many new styles, this is really just the beginning! Hopefully you will enjoy the ride with us, because we cannot wait to show everything we have ready for you!

Let's finish off this first blog with one of my favorite quotes:

 "People will stare, make it worth their while".